There should be an image here!The geek-factor surrounding hardcore calculators can be pointed back to their popularity during the movies in the last century. Basically they are considered super geeky, even by today’s standards.

Flash forward into today and we have DIYers wanting to relive the golden age of powerful calculators. So much so, some of these individuals would go ahead and put together their own self-built calculators from what is called open source hardware — basically tech that is designed to be hacked, tweaked, and used to its fullest extent.

Take the Open SciCal for instance. Built with open source hardware, the Open SciCal can frankly do things that most other calculators would only dream of. Like predicting sun spots or pulling stock data from sites like Yahoo Finance and run auto-correlation on the data.

As you can see, the Open SciCal is an amazing piece of work. Best of all, it’s running Linux and can outperform many of the typical high-end calculators out there today.

[Photo above by teriyaki tofu / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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