There should be an image here!Most businesses are frustrated regarding their use of IT. Are they making the most of it and unlocking the potential of their workforce? Are they even using technology correctly? In Agility: Competing And Winning In A Tech-Savvy Marketplace, Mark Mueller-Eberstein defines a new course that your business can use to join the elite ranks of optimized IT infrastructure superstars.

Mueller-Eberstein teaches you how you can exploit technology to take your business to a new level of success. But this book isn’t about how to be simply good or better at using IT. Instead, it describes the myths of IT that keep companies underperforming, frustrated, and unprofitable. Filled with global case studies from various industries, it’s about evaluating and prioritizing IT projects based on the impact on your business and about redefining exactly how strategy and technology implementation intersect, to create astounding business performance.

To be IT-agile, Mueller-Eberstein reveals, you must take an honest look at the crucial role of technology adoption and its derived impact on your business’s results — and he offers lessons and experiences drawn from his many years in helping organizations use technology solutions to increase their agility within their business sector. He shows how it is those companies that know how to efficiently choose, roll out, and measure the effect of new technology that have proven themselves to be winners in today’s marketplace. He underscores that, whether it’s reductions in energy use or a quicker time to market with a new product, it’s companies like BMW and Del Monte that have used technology to gain a competitive advantage. These are today’s Agile organizations. It’s time your company joins them.

The corporate digital divide will soon be drawn between those who exploit technology to its full potential — the Agile ones — and those who merely have it.

Whether your job is to manage facilities, people, or sales accounts, or oversee technology and its management, Agility presents IT solutions that can and will transform any and every part of your company.