There should be an image here!Do you remember those Magic Eye images that were popular back in the nineties? If you looked hard enough at the image, then you could see the hidden image within. Of course, if you were like me, you were never able to see the hidden image and disliked anyone that could because of your pure frustration. Collages are different because you can see the smaller individual images that make up a larger image if you look close enough. In fact, it’s not too hard to make a collage these days because a variety of online services can do the heavy lifting for you. Frintr is a service that makes a collage of your profile picture out of the profile pictures of your friends.

The tool supports Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace (they’re still around?). When you login to these accounts through Frintr, the service can get what it needs to make the collage, and as you’ll see from the examples on the site, the collages look great. Low-resolution collages can be created and downloaded for free, and if you want a high-resolution version, you can either pay for a digital download or pay to have a print poster sent to you.