WeatherBugOn June 30th, I shared what the new website was going to look like as it rolled out of its development phase. A short time later, WeatherBug swapped the website template back to the old style while the new template went back to the workshop.

In this post, I’ll explain why WeatherBug opted to pull down the new site template and why it was done with the end user in mind.

Quality is job number one

WeatherBug for the desktop and mobile devices are among two of the many markets that the company has made a name for itself. Because of this, keeping all aspects of WeatherBug’s efforts up to a high grade of quality is important across the board.

WeatherBug has made it a point to make sure the end user experience is among the best available for all of the users of WeatherBug products. This level of commitment means when something is not working as expected, the development team goes to work to find a way to make things right.

The site change

Put simply, there were some issues with the new website template that were not providing the kind of user experience WeatherBug wanted. Some people might call these issues bugs, others may refer to them as minor annoyances. Whatever the term being tossed around, these things needed to be addressed.

Remember, many people use WeatherBug data for lifesaving prevention for storm tracking and other related weather watching activities. So keeping things running smoothly is critical for all involved.

The new website is live

If you go to visit today, you’ll find that the new site is up and running great. Boasting a clean, sleek new layout that WeatherBug feels will give the end user an improved experience over the old style template used in the past.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the new and check out all of the great features listed here!