A story found by way of Reddit gives the details of an onslaught of college freshmen using Macs at school, which is surely not good news for the Redmond crowd.

Obviously, the commercials with I’m a Mac, and you’re not, got through to a great number of people.

[OS X Daily]

This is impressive: 70% of new college students are bringing Macs with them to school, according to a Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry. The figure comes in relation to his downgrading of Microsoft’s stock, which caused shares of the software giant to fall 2%. Here are the details:

70 percent of college freshman are entering school with Macs, up about 10 percent to 15 percent from a year ago.

“Our research is indicating that Microsoft is unable to connect with the new generation of users,” Chowdhry wrote, adding that this could cause problems down the road when these students enter the work force and once again pick Macs over Windows.

I hope the raw statistics and research data is released so we can get the precise details, but speaking from experience I can definitely say that Macs and Apple hardware are overwhelming college campuses. Sure you’ll see other computers and electronics around too but a clear majority of people are using at least one of Apple’s signature products, whether it’s a Mac, iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

So Apple is pretty much taking over, dominating college campuses, the USA, and reaching to the highest levels of power with President Obama and the White House staff all using Macs and iPads. Amazing.


It really could be the beginning of a slow, but steady decline for Microsoft, and of course, we’ll all remember that Monkeyboy had great effect on the trend, right?

[follow the link above to see a freshman class and their Macs]




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