A friend of mine at our church  had recommended this movie to my wife and I, so we ordered a copy from Netflix. I am an avid football fan and I know that God can have an influential effect on players. One only needs to watch professional football to see players gathering in prayer after a game. So I was looking forward to what this movie would have to offer.

Facing The Giants is about a small town high school football coach who, after six seasons, is not able to put together a winning team. Dads of the players want the coach replaced and want the mans head on a platter. The coach is a likable guy who is barely making a living on the paltry pay he is given. Yet this man, during all of this turmoil, is also trying to become a father. The pressures of life build to the point where this man has become completely overwhelmed and has lost faith in himself.

The coach turns to God and asks for his help. Not only to strengthen his football coaching, but to help him in his personal life as well. I don’t want to spoil what happens next but things do start to turn around in his life.

I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie about faith and how it can help those who put their lives in the hands of the Lord.

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