I’ve been procrastinating for the past month about using the disk Netflix sent to me for getting a Nintendo Wii to downstream movies. Netflix will send you a free disk to be used with your Wii to access movies on demand if you are a member of the $9 a month plan or higher. Activation is fairly simple. You slip in the Netflix disk on an Internet connected Wii, obtain a code, log into your Netflix account, use the code and your account is activated.

My concern was that the Nintendo Wii does not have an HDMI connection, which most HDTVs use for best sound and picture quality. But the game port on my Panasonic Plasma TV accepts the standard connectors that come with the Wii. So I hooked up the connectors and streamed a movie to my TV set. I chose the movie Robin Hood, the one with Costner, to view. Not because I am a Robin Hood or Kevin Costner fan, but because I was just interested to see how good the picture would be.

To my surprise the picture wasn’t bad. Not HDTV 720 or 1080p quality, but good enough to watch without complaints. I tried a couple of other movies and they also were acceptable to watch.

Bottom line is that movies from Netflix on demand service are OK for normal viewing. But if you are an aficionado who demands only the best Blu-ray quality picture and 7.1 booming sound, this may not be your cup of tea.

If you have used Netflix’s on demand service, what is you opinion?

Comments welcome.

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