Amazon has recently announced a price drop for its yet to be released Kindle for just $139.00. The new Kindle reflects the competition in the marketplace for e-readers and now the Kindle will also feature two new scramble type games as well.  In a recent news article the writer states that the games are:

In Shuffled Row, players try to create as many words as they can using 60 lettered tiles. As they enter words, the used tiles are replaced by new ones. Less common letters and longer words generate more points.

The second game, Every Word, is slightly similar. Players get a series of scrambled letters and must try to make as many different words as they can. Finding the longest word available unlocks fresh levels with new letters.

The games are free, and are wirelessly delivered to the Kindle through Amazon’s website.

If these games prove popular, we could expect more games to be added in the near future.

What do you think? Does the Kindle need more games to entertain us?

Comments welcome.

Get Shuffled Row from here and Every Word from here. Both are freebies.

Source – USA Today