I’ll admit it, Audacity is the best free audio editing software on the market right now; however, it doesn’t come without its flaws. Today I’m going to name some reasons why you shouldn’t download this software, although I must say that I found it extremely difficult to find some, especially considering the fact that it’s free.

  • You need to download the LAME  – The first thing I noticed when I downloaded my copy of Audacity is the fact that you’re unable to export your track as an MP3. Because of this, you have to download the LAME MP3 encoder to get it to work. The problem with this is that it can be quite difficult to find on the Internet, especially for those who aren’t technically inclined. It would be nice to see LAME paired with Audacity automatically when you download the program.
  • It’s unstable – This is perhaps one of the most significant problems I found with Audacity. After using versions on both an OS X Mac and a Windows PC, I found that the program tends to crash after consistent use. It doesn’t just freeze up either, it completely exits, leaving you no chance of retrieving your lost track. However, considering that Audacity is free, this isn’t that big of a deal, especially if you’re just using the program for basic use.
  • It has difficulty handling longer tracks – Going hand in hand with the instability of Audacity is the fact that it’s not able to handle longer tracks very well. I found that if you have a track that is over an hour long loaded up, Audacity will tend to crash more frequently. If you do have a significantly long track on Audacity, I recommend saving it as frequently as possible.
  • The user interface can be challenging for beginners – When I first used Audacity I was super confused as to what tools were available for editing and mixing tracks. Although it’s simple to use for us techies, I can see how it would be difficult to learn for the regular person. With that said, after a little bit of practice and some trial and error, Audacity is a great program for the everyday user.

Now of course there are plenty of alternatives to Audacity, however, there aren’t a lot of free versions that come very close to the standard that Audacity has set. GarageBand and Koblo I find are a little difficult to use in some cases, leaving Audacity at the top in terms of simplicity. Audacity does have its flaws, however, it’s the best on the market in terms of free audio editing software.

Do you have any recommendations for audio editing software that works on both a Mac and a PC?