If you don’t have enough insurances like life, auto, home and health insurances, there is now one insurance you can add to your list. A company called SafeGuard Guaranty Corp. is now offering divorce insurance online. They even  provide a Divorce Probability Calculator to determine your odds of not remaining in martial bliss [see link below]. On their website the company states the following information:

Would you make a bet that might cost you your house? Are you someone who would turn over your life savings to a complete stranger without knowing their qualifications and background? Are you someone prone to street drag racing? If so then you’ll probably be comfortable without Divorce Insurance. However, if you make educated financial decisions after careful research, you work hard at protecting your hard earned assets and you’re someone who wants to ensure that their family is protected against living in poverty for any amount of time, then like the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared”, you’ll want to know more about Divorce Insurance.

We know it’s a lot to think about. We know it’s not something ANYONE really likes to think about, but neither is death or disability and we’ll wager that if you already have a sound financial plan, then you have insurance coverage against one or both of those. Divorce is no different. In today’s society the risk is real and tangible. No one knows what the future holds and if you’re like most people, you already know someone who has suffered some dire financial consequences as a result of divorce. More than likely through no fault of there own.

So there you have it. Divorce insurance for those who might want to protect against the possibility of getting a divorce. But I know what you are thinking? How much is this going to cost me?

The insurance can be bought in units at $15.99 a month for $1,250 of protection.  Need $12,500 of protection?  Well, you can do the math.There is also a $250 yearly management fee as well.

What do you think. Is this something worth getting?

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Divorce Probability Calculator

Source – SafeGuard Guaranty Corp.

Source – NY Times