CCleaner, née Crap Cleaner, is a handy little utility that does just what is needed for many people, to help keep the cruft that builds up in Windows systems down. It really is a fine utility, and comes in two forms. One is the full version, which includes a polite query to install the Ask toolbar, and the slim version, which omits the question and the possibility of installing the toolbar.

Now there is an add-in, called CCleaner Enhancer, which adds many more settings for other Windows programs that are popular, so that their cruft can be disposed of, in a safe manner.

The author’s page has been shut down, due to too much traffic, but now gHacks has not only written about it, they are temporarily hosting the download.

CCleaner itself is a very handy tool to clean temporary files in the Windows operating system. It’s customizability is one of its greatest strengths, as it provides the functionality to add custom programs to the cleanup list.

CCleaner Enhancer is a portable program for Windows that improves CCleaner tremendously by adding 270 new programs to it. The software makes use of the custom rules capabilities and adds its rules to the existing ones.

The latest version of the program supports both portable and installed versions of CCleaner. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users need to run the program as administrators, as it otherwise fails to work properly.

A click on Download Latest in the main program window downloads the latest definition files and adds them to CCleaner if the program is installed. Portable users need to click on Extra > Install for Portable CCleaner to locate the ccleaner.exe manually.

CCleaner on next startup will display the additional programs under Applications. Please note that only recognized programs are listed there, programs that are not installed are not displayed in the list, even though they are supported.

A full list of all new applications that are added by CCleaner Enhancer is available in the newly created file winapp2.ini.


Thanks to the author of CCleaner Enhancer, and much thanks to gHacks, for allowing us to use their bandwidth for the download. This works great on Windows XP (all flavors), Windows Vista (all flavors), and Windows 7 (again, all flavors).

For me, it made the cleanup of the SRWare Iron directories and cache a snap, while leaving the stuff I wanted.

This does just what it says, so you must be careful, but if you know what you’re doing, you’ll be very happy you took the time (less than 30 seconds) to install and set it up.




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