With all the things in the world that we have to worry about, you might think that a worry about modified seeds would be low on the list. In some ways it is, but when you understand that companies (mostly Monsanto) have been able to get patents on modified seeds, and cause great damage to the agricultural community because of their practices, the fact that unmodified seeds are growing harder to find is very worrisome.

The seed [rapeseed], which is related to the turnip [!], is one of a few varieties of plant that have been extensively modified by botanists to increase productivity.


“A research team conducting a survey has found that about 86% of wild canola plants in North Dakota have genetically modified genes in them, and ‘two samples contained multiple genes from different species of genetically modified plants.’ Canola usually has little competition when cultivated but does not fare well in the wild. The Roundup Ready and Liberty Link strains of genetically modified canola appear to be crossing over to wild plants and helping it survive. The University of Arkansas team claims that the ease in which genetically modified canola has ‘escaped’ into the wild should be noted by seed makers like Monsanto because this is proof that it will happen.”

Reader n4djs notes that Monsanto has been known to sue farmers for patent infringement when their crops unintentionally contain genetically modified plants.

Note that that says, unintentionally. That is from where the problem comes. It is like dividing grains of sand at the beach, based upon which might be composed of silica which contains oxygen-18 [atom] isotopes – and trying to separate them out with a tweezers. It is impossible to do.

Doing a little research will show you why Monsanto has become persona non grata in many circles, and perhaps why its display at Disneyland was removed…





Some people liken Monsanto to the Evil Empire depicted in Star Wars, simply because of their stands on biological engineered varieties of many seeds, in which they have fiercely tried to protect their interest.

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