In what can only be described as a novel way to bury our dead, an inventor has come up with a screw-in coffin. The design permits the burying of our loved ones vertically instead of horizontally, saving space in the process. In a recent article it shows a picture and diagram of the invention that says it can be screwed into the earth either manually or by using a machine.

The article also states that:

Scruggs is currently engineering prototypes that can withstand the torsion involved without breaking and without being too heavy or expensive.¬†For the more eccentric, he says, “you could have one made out of clear resin, with you in the middle of it, and you could practically wave goodbye to everyone as you’re being screwed into the ground. But that’s probably an option for rock stars.”

Interesting concept. But does it make more sense to bury our deceased or have them cremated?

You decide.

Comments welcome.

Source – Discoverer