You know the scenario. You receive a check of some type and need to go down to your local bank to deposit the check. Wonder if you could deposit the check into your account by scanning or by sending a copy of the check via your phone? Well now you can and there are over 21 banks and credit unions that support this technology. Here is a list of banks and credit unions:

  • Addison Avenue Credit Union (scans)
  • Alliant Credit Union (scans)
  • Boeing Employees Credit Union (scans)
  • Chase Bank (iPhone)
  • Digital Federal Credit Union (scans/Android/iPhone)
  • Everbank (scans)
  • First Command Bank (scans)
  • First Internet Bank of Indiana (scans)
  • The Golden 1 Credit Union (scans)
  • Hanscom Federal Credit Union (scans)
  • NASA Federal Credit Union (scans)
  • PenFed Credit Union (scans)
  • Penn State Employees Credit Union (scans)
  • Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union (scans)
  • Sharon Credit Union (scans)
  • Service Credit Union (scans)
  • Summit Bank (scans)
  • Texas Security Bank (scans)
  • USAA Bank (scans/Android/iPhone)
  • Vystar Credit Union (scans)
  • WV United Federal Credit Union (iPhone)

When I first read about remote deposit I quickly envisioned how this could change the way that we all do our banking. I would love to have this service available at my local bank. Though the bulk of my banking deposits are made via direct deposit, there are still the occasional checks that need to be deposited the standard way.

What do you think? Would you use remote deposit if it were available?

Comments welcome.

Source – Consumerist