I have a theory I want to share with those who have ever gone to an Olive Garden restaurant. Even if the restaurant is empty with seats available, they hand you a vibrating device and make you wait. If this was an isolated incidence at just one Oliver Garden I would not be making this statement. But I have personally encountered this at Olive garden restaurants in California, Texas, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Missouri and most likely a few other states I have been to.

The waiting problem has become so annoying that my wife and I rarely go to the Olive Garden any longer. Though we enjoy the food at the Olive Garden very much, it is not worth the hassle of having to wait even when the restaurant isn’t busy.

So when I read an article over at Pitch blog in which they asked their readers how long they would wait in line to get into a restaurant, I thought I would ask the same question here.

How long will you wait to get into a restaurant?

Comments welcome.

Source – Pitch blog

PS I will wait how ever long it takes to get into a Cheesecake Factory restaurant. The desserts are to die for. LOL