There should be an image here!Printing stuff off of the Internet is easy, but the results aren’t always exactly what you want. You may only want a small percentage of what’s on the page to be printed, but you’ll likely end up with a bunch of images, ads, and other content that you have no need for. Even though people have been doing it for years, it doesn’t make sense to print everything on the page each time, and that’s why PrintWhatYouLike is such a useful tool.

All you have to do is enter the URL that you want to print (or use the bookmarklet) and an editor will appear that gives you full control over the page. You can change the text size and font and quickly get rid of the background, images, and margins. If you want to be a little more selective, you can select specific elements that you don’t want and delete them individually. When you’re finished, you can either print the modified page or save it as a PDF or HTML file. It’s the green way to print.