There should be an image here!You’ve probably noticed that I’m exploring the latest version of Office — Office 2010. I’m definitely not disappointed as I’m finding all kinds of handy features not available in previous versions. One of the features of Outlook 2010 that I really like is the Schedule View, which is a new layout that displays multiple calendars at the same time. To open Schedule View in 2010, open the Calendar and click the Schedule View button.

This is where it gets really good! Schedule View is designed to make scheduling meetings with co-workers much easier. If you and your co-workers have Microsoft Exchange Server accounts, a Team Calendar option appears when you’re in Schedule View. The Team Calendar has calendars for your manager, direct reports, and peers. You can likely see how useful it would be to see your co-workers’ calendars when you’re trying to schedule meetings with them.

Just one of the new features of Outlook 2010 that I plan to take full advantage of — stay tuned for more!

[Photo above by Joshua Rappeneker / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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