There should be an image here!This article, talking at length about how losing their cell phones made those discussed in the article led more fulfilling lives, caught my attention head on. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want all they can get in life with regard to fulfillment, right? Well I will give you a point on one’s mobile phone being a problem as a distraction. But would I or anyone else be better off without remembering phones numbers, calendar dates, etc.? Let’s think about this.

The fact of the matter is that I never remembered most of these things anyway before my cell as I used a day planner. Darn you, paper! Yes, my mobile and later, my smart phone, only took my existing habits and made them more convenient and added alarms. Big deal. As for mobile access to email, well, let’s just say I am fine with it as this means I can work from practically anywhere. Add me tethering my netbook to the mix and I am a mobile road warrior.

Like money, weapons, property, food, or anything else… it’s all about how they are used. You can either use something for good, in defense of someone needing help, or you can abuse it. The same thing applies to technology. It’s truly sad that we live in an era where we wish away our freedoms to do something dumb by our own choice or ask for rescuing from something due to a lack of personal self-control.

If the people in the above linked article truly are avoiding cell phones out of fear, then they have bigger issues. For those of them who are simply Luddites, well, it sounds like a commitment to a simpler way of life. I have no problem with this. The only issue I have is with those avoiding tech out of some half-baked fear of being turned into a CrackBerry fiend. Seriously, folks, self-control and the power button. It’s not rocket science.

[Photo above by spaceodissey / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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