It has only taken Arnold Schwarzenegger 7 years to finally figure out that the governmental bureaucrats are strangling business opportunities in California. In a stunning comparison between two states, he has learned that in Texas it only takes 30 days on average for a business to get up and running. But in the golden state the average startup time averages 250 days. But this is not the entire story.

In a recent article it states that:

In his current weekly online address to California citizens, Schwarzenegger tells the story of a businessman who runs a chain of restaurants called “The Salad Bowl” in Texas and Colorado.

According to the governor’s story, this businessman decided a year ago that he should expand into California as well, and selected a site in the southern part of the state and set to work preparing to open the first of what he hoped would be numerous restaurants around the nation’s most-populous state.

But then the not-so-invisible hand of state bureaucracies stuck a, uh, middle finger into his plans and as Schwarzenegger tells it in this 5-minute video, a swarm of inspectors descended on the would-be restaurant and triggered the interminable flood of restrictions, paperwork, regulations, and the sheer abuse of power.

Other inspectors put the owner through the run-around in getting rest-room signs of the proper color, while others told him the glass shield in front of the food-preparation area had to be between 26 inches and 30 inches high. So he installed it at 28 inches high, but when the inspector returned he told the owner that the owner had misunderstood and would have to take that glass shield out and replace it with one exactly 30 inches high.

Faced with such mindless nonsense, it’s a wonder that even the most-determined entrepreneur can gain approval from such fools in 250 days because it’s clear they have no interest in helping him get his business off the ground.

But the Governator tells us not to worry—he says on the video with his biggest smile that he called his office of economic development and asked them to look into the mess the state was making at The Salad Bowl, and that his intercession led to some breakthroughs and voo-wuh-la, the restaurant is now open, some 250 days after its paper chase began.

After reading this you have to wonder how many entrepreneurs  just gave up and looked elsewhere to open their new business. It also makes one wonder just how crooked the system has become. Hopefully the person who becomes the next governor of California will not take 7 years to figure out what is wrong with the current economic situation that the state has been facing.

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Source – InformationWorld

PS I wonder when Schwarzenegger had the time to make his new movie? LOL