There should be an image here!Do you remember when digital images were super pixelated and you could barely guess what you were looking at? Those days are pretty much in the past now because people are able to take high quality pictures not just with their cameras, but with their cell phones. Technology has advanced to the point that you can’t tell what device a picture was taken with because they all look so good. Merely posting these images online is one thing, but Microsoft’s helps you experience them in a different way.

When you enter the URL of an image, will process it and present it to you in their viewer. You can then zoom in and out, make it full screen, and move around the image. The service really starts to become interesting if you use large high quality images. Your enhanced image receives its own URL and you can embed the viewer on your site and share it socially. If you love pictures and take a lot of them yourself, then you’ll probably like