The Daily Beast has a number of articles spun-off of the Steven Slater FreakOut.  I urge you to read, follow links, and enjoy:

Let’s start with the most common airplane transgressions:

Notable transgression: A holiday flight from London to Cuba turned nightmarish last year when more than 40 Irish passengers became drunk, over excited, and disruptive,

How could they tell?

Notable transgression: An unruly passenger aboard an AirTran Airways flight flying from Atlanta to San Francisco in January caused the North American Aerospace Defense Command to dispatch two F-16s to accompany the plane to land in Colorado Springs. A man, who was reportedly intoxicated, allegedly refused to follow the crew’s directions to take his seat and locked himself in the bathroom

Two F-16’s because a drunk guy locked himself in the bathroom?  Overkill, anyone?

Notable transgression: A Canadian woman aboard a flight traveling from Calgary forced the plane to make an emergency landing in Winnipeg after trying to open a door to the outside during the flight

She was probably claustrophobic and wanted some air… my wife tried to roll down her window once.  Once.

Notable transgression: Matthew Kleindorfer of Las Vegas pleaded guilty in May to battery, resisting arrest, and disturbing the peace for his unruly behavior aboard a SkyWest flight from Helena, Montana, to Salt Lake City. The plane was diverted to Idaho Falls after Kleindorfer pounded on the cockpit door, claimed he was a space alien and requested to fly the plane, according to authorities.

What, no DNA test?  Even the alleged 9-11 pilots got flight training.

Speaking of cliche, you should read the article by another steward about his trials and tribulations.  You really have to feel sorry for what these brave and overly cheerful folks go through on a daily basis.  The author writes a flight attendant blog called Up Up & A Gay.

Vote for NEWT – He’s Crazier Than You Think

This info needs to keep appearing, closer to his presidential run.

Confessions of a Porn MILF – by Aurora Snow

Interesting insight into the adult video biz.  I’m a big fan of hers, so to speak.

CA to resume gay marriage as of August 18

Why shouldn’t gays share the misery of straights?