There should be an image here!Recently the idea of getting a Fonera router has come up. Not that anything is wrong with my own router, rather the functionality of the Fonera is interesting to me as it has quite the potential for added applications.

This being said, I find myself pondering a couple of questions that I am willing to bet the Lockergnome community can help me out with.

1) Is this a fairly stable router? Meaning how easily can this thing be “bricked?” This is what led me away from consumer routers in the first place and why I use a Draytek now.

2) Why must the user flash to the developer firmware to add third party apps? While I understand Fon wanting to make sure nothing bad is being offered to its users, it would behoove Fon to create an app store for developers looking to build out on this router. How? USB flash/hard drive access and Fon approving new stuff for its Fonera router.

Obviously this is likely to not be seen by the folks at Fon, as they are busy people. But if by chance Fon sees this, please, consider what I am saying. I can think of a few people right now who would develop using Fonera as an entrance point. So it would be interesting to find out if Fon was entertaining such an idea that did not require the casual end user to flash the firmware to the developer edition, which is completely overkill. Just saying…