There should be an image here!I never understood companies that spend a lot of time and effort to promote something, only to limit the supply and worse, the vendors offering said product. Take Marvell and its plug computer known as the SheevaPlug (among other related models). It’s perhaps one of the popular Linux computers the world has seen in quite some time. And rightfully so. It’s cheap, completely open-ended as to what you can do with it, plus it’s super-tiny.

The problem is, like most things worth owning… there appears to be a shortage. But wait, it gets better. With most products, one would simply go out to the wilds of Google and find another vendor. Use Google’s shopping engine or PriceWatch, for example. No dice.

Nope, I was appalled at how few vendors and how limited the supply of these devices appears to be. Three entire vendors, eh? Wow… that is just sad. And of course no one else listed with any major search engine appears to be selling them at all.

Marvell, I’d love to have done a review of one of these. Heck, I was all set to buy one myself! But your lack of planning and, apparently, lack of immediate response on getting more vendors out there selling these things means that, best case scenario, I’ll be waiting 4+ weeks to get the device. That is just not going to work. I sincerely hope you opt to get your fulfillment in order and get more vendors selling these ASAP.

At the very least, let’s get the turnaround to two weeks max. Anything more than that for something like this, which clearly has a HUGE demand, simply reflects your lack of interest in selling the product.