One third of one of rock’s greatest rhythm sections has shed his mortal coil.   Richie Hayward (64), of Little Feat,  died of liver cancer.

One could not go to a Little Feat concert and sit.  There were people jumping all over the place, courtesy of Richie’s groove (along with percussionist Sam Clayton and bassist Ken Gradney).  Along with the grove was the mighty Richie Grin: the guy was truly having a good time.

Hayward was with Little Feat from its inception and with Lowell George before that.  After George passed, there were reunions with several different singers (Craig Fuller, Shaun Murphy).  Richie’s roadie is playing with the Feat at present.

I’m not a drummer but it was always a pleasure to watch and listen to Richie.  He made me want to figure out what rhythm was all about and what fit where.

I met Richie one night after a concert.  He stood there, grin on his face, signed albums (yes, ALBUMS), and made jokes about Piggly Wiggly.  To this date, I have never seen a Piggly Wiggly.

Hayward was waiting to find out if he was getting on a liver transplant list.

RIP Richie – we’ll miss you.