There should be an image here!I think it’s safe to say that people are taking more pictures now than ever before since it seems like every device has a camera and it’s just easier and more accessible to take a picture regardless of wherever you may be because of this. Of course, taking pictures isn’t enough because you need to share them so that others can enjoy them. A zillion photo sharing solutions are out there, but if you want to try to make the process collaborative, give Yogile a try.

With Yogile, you can choose to make your photo album private or public, but it’s the collaborative element that makes the service especially interesting. Not only can you upload pictures through the browser or e-mail, but the contributors that you want to be a part of the experience can also upload pictures in this way without needing to create an account. The combination of them not having to create an account and being able to upload pictures through e-mail makes using the service familiar to even the most novice computer users. Yes, even grandma.