Rupert Murdoch has ambitious plans to distribute paid content news to both cell phones and tablet computers such as the Apple iPad. The thinking is that tablet computers such as the iPad are going to change the way news is distributed, just like the iPod changed the way people listened to music. This is going to be an extremely interesting project, since most people are reluctant to pay for news, which they feel can be read for free on the Internet.

According to one report it states that:

The initiative, which would directly compete with the New York Times, USA Today and other national publications, is the latest attempt by a major media organization to harness sexy new devices to reach readers who increasingly consume their news on the go. The development underscores how the iPad is transforming the reading habits of consumers much like the iPod changed how people listen to music.

Unlike News Corp.’s business-centric Wall Street Journal, the new digital newspaper would target a more general readership, offering short, snappy stories that could be digested quickly. The newsroom would operate under the auspices of Murdoch’s New York Post and be overseen by its managing editor, Jesse Angelo. News Corp. has yet to set a launch date, although people familiar with the matter said the news organization would like it to debut by year’s end.

But can News Corp. pull it off?

Our local TV station and some radio stations offer text alerts for breaking news, sports, weather and other topics. These text alerts are sent for free. I can also browse the Internet for breaking news as well. I find it hard to believe I would opt in to pay for content on my cell phone no matter how snappy the stories are.

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Source – LA Times