I find fewer and fewer people who use QuickTime for Windows all the time, but for those who do, there is an update, which plugs some holes, and makes takeover through media files that much harder, if not impossible.


Beside updating iOS, Apple has recently rolled out a new version of its QuickTime media player for Windows, bringing it to version 7.6.7. This release comes with just one thing and that’s a fix for a buffer overflow vulnerability that could lead to crashes of arbitrary code execution.

QuickTime 7.6.7 weights in 32.9MB and is available on Apple’s website .

I find that many people don’t like QuickTime because it takes so long to start up, even on today’s fastest machines, but I have never come across anyone who had problems with security using it – there have been some scares, but each time there is a scare, there is an upgrade to mitigate the problem. (even the bad guys like Apple better than Microsoft!)


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