Every year Gallup does an annual poll of 16 major institutions here in the US of A, and some of the results are not surprising. Americans have a very low rating when it comes from news they receive from either newspapers or TV, with an approval rating of about 25%. The rating is for a combined “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in either. Gallup polls indicate that this has not changed since 2003-2007 when the rating fell 10%. Here is a chart presented in a recent article:

Our military has the highest approval rating for any of the 16 categories I was in shock when I read that our Congress has the lowest rating of any of the categories! Following the low-end of the ratings are banks and big business are not very popular with the American public either. No surprise with the low ratings for either of these failed institutions that have led into economic chaos.

How is your confidence level? Are we going to be able to bail ourselves out of the financial mess?

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Source – Gallup

PS Can we even trust the Gallup poll findings? How negative have we become?