No one can say that Ubuntu Linux is behind in any major design concept, as it has all of the features of Microsoft’s much older, and much more heavily financed operating systems. The team of Shuttleworth and company puts every effort into keeping up, and shows it with the announcement that the next version of the operating system will include support for multi-touch peripherals.

Maverick Meerkat, as the 10.10 release will be known, is adding support for multi-touch of all kinds – it may be that Apple devices like the mouse and touchpad will be fully supported by the enthusiastic development team on Meerkat before anyone makes some drivers that allow those items to be used on Windows 7.


The Canonical OS developing team has announced that it finished work on uTouch 1.0, the first release of the Ubuntu multi-touch and gesture stack. uTouch is set to make its official debut with Ubuntu 10.10 (codename Maverick Meerkat), enabling it to take advantage of the touch trend.

“Canonical is working with manufacturers of touch-enabled products and those of their underlying technology in order to bring innovations in user experience to a broader audience,” says a post on the Canonical blog. “Our aim is to bring the natural, tactile experience of the world to the desktop, window manager, and applications you value – all the software that you depend upon to get things done and have fun. Touch will be part of the Ubuntu Netbook, Desktop and Light products from 10.10 and beyond.”

Ubuntu 10.10 and all its editions are scheduled for an October release.

For those who prefer the KDE window manager, there will be some exciting news, as the default browser will change to Rekonq, a redo of Konqueror, and a Web Kit based design. Undoubtedly there will be some major speed improvements, yet I’m certain that I’ll want to add Opera, which is already very speedy, and offers a more polished interface.

How things will shake out is anyone’s guess, but if we could only get a few more people to try the changed (radically – even from just a couple of major revisions before) Ubuntu, there would be many converts.

What amazes me is the speed with which the changes come. Microsoft, with all the man-hours available to it has no answer to the speed of change with Linux. It will eventually be their undoing.


To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

Carl Sagan

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