In the Charleston City Paper they have an interesting photo and story about a young man, who braved the flood waters to deliver his pizzas to waiting customers. The story tells how the young man completed deliveries to four homes. One home was flooded by over a foot of water. Included in the story are the following facts:

At the peak of flooding on Sunday evening, Caleb Hartsell headed out from the East Bay Domino’s pizza with 4 orders while the clock was ticking. After driving through plenty of flooded streets and getting the first two to the door within minutes, he turned onto Smith St. and saw half a block under about a foot and a half of water.

After a line of cars ahead of him turned around, he decided to brave it and plowed through. Once he parked on the other side, he simply took his shoes off and walked back into it. An astonished girl opened the door to see him standing in front of the water.

Matter of factly, he collected the payment and walked back into the rippling river of a road. He still had another delivery to make and there were orders piling up back at the store.

Hartsell has been working for Domino’s for two months and said,”It’s definitely been one of the craziest days, because of the flooding and all.”

For the $18.00 order of two medium pizzas and a 2 liter of soda, he got a $4.00 tip.

Some who commented about the story thought it had been staged for the newspaper. But maybe, just maybe, the story is true. There are some dedicated youth out there who do a great job.

What do you think?

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Source – Charleston City Paper