I’ll be first to admit that my exposure to Windows 7 has been, to say the least, massively limited compared to the years spent with Windows XP. But my wife runs Windows 7 on her Eee netbook and from what I have seen, it does the job well enough.

This article rightfully points out that Windows 7 is on the rise with XP finally heading into a downward spiral. This is great news for Microsoft and even better news for those who prefer using Windows over the alternatives out there.

As for the idea that Windows 7 has become the “anti-Vista” per the article linked above, well, I would agree that it has been a massive boon for everyone who has switched from older Windows releases to Windows 7.

So while turning off Windows 7 on a netbook is, well, messy as it tries to close programs that are no longer open… it’s still a heck of a lot better than anything else Redmond has put out in recent memory. Everything considered, it’s the best Windows release to date.

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