Everyone knows that we’re in a recession. Not really a big secret there. But did you also know that there are often development jobs out there despite the tough economy? It’s true and not just on the Web site, either.

I happen to know of one company right now that is actively seeking developers of various disciplines. And as I sit here at the Gnomedex event in Seattle WA, I have actively been letting folks know that I have a line on a great gig for the right individual(s).

Do you know of anyone looking for a fantastic opportunity developing various mobile applications for an employer that has been around since the days of BBS systems?  We are talking about a secure, well funded employer that is not going anyplace despite the tough economy. Interested? Then we should talk.

You can reach me via email with relative ease here. And for those of you who happen to be attending the Gnomedex event as well, you can let me know via email and I will seek you out at the conference tomorrow.

Like many development gigs these days, these positions are fine for remote teleworkers and is perfect for someone looking to really push their skills to their limits.

Thanks and have a fantastic weekend.