Reading an article over at PC World that criticized Google for developing two operating systems. The writer wanted to convince the reader that having Chrome and Android would confuse the consumer. It concluded with this statement:

“Apple gets it: Keep it simple, stupid.”

My first thought was that the article must have been written by an Apple fanboy who forgot to bring his objectivity with him. It was this comment that said it all:

I believe you meant to say, Apple gets it: Keep ’em stupid; it’s simple.

Not everybody on the planet is as inherently brainwashed and tech illiterate as your average Apple consumer. Google doesn’t really want to focus Android on the tablet/netbook/UMPC middle ground. It would much rather keep it on smartphones and be able to tailor a better system for its ad delivery services. It has been saying for a very long time now that the Chrome OS is being targeted at the in-between devices like netbooks/tablets and that it is geared toward a cloud-based approach. Chrome is an in-between OS for in-between devices. What I really want to know is what Chrome will be capable of and what hardware specifically it is made to run on. I can only assume x86 at this point. I want to see Chrome have the ability to run Linux software in addition to cloud apps.

The comment hits the nail right on the head. Smartphones will get Android, and tablets will get Chrome OS.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Source – PC World