There should be an image here!When you want to find out what people are saying about a movie, what do you do? For many years, people turned to professional movie reviewers to get their opinions, and while these folks are still around, movie reviews have become a lot more social. Instead of having a select privileged few tell us what they think, we can easily turn to the community on Twitter and find out what they’re saying about movies at that exact second. The value of this approach has been understood for quite some time, but fflick has built a service around Twitter and movies.

You’ll find the usual information about the movies and links to showtimes and tickets, but it’s the Twitter integration that steals the show. Not only can you see what’s being said about a particular movie at that moment in time, but you can also filter the tweets to only see the positive or negative ones, the most interesting ones, or the ones from your friends. You can even enter the name of any Twitter user and fflick will do some analysis and show you what they’ve said about movies. If you think professional movie reviewers are honest, then you haven’t seen anything yet.