We all have tasks that we put on hold while we complete the more urgent tasks. But part of managing our workload is being able to get the urgent tasks done quickly and efficiently so that we have time to get back to our regular jobs.

But then we have some tasks that we would like to do because they are of interest to us, would make our jobs easier, or would give us a sense of satisfaction because we have completed something that we wanted to complete for some time. It is important to get back to these tasks because they often add to our job satisfaction. So the question to consider is how to manage our workload so that we can have the time to get back to those tasks.

It seems odd to think about managing our regular work more efficiently so that we can get back to the tasks that are less pressing but more exciting. Learning to manage your workload includes careful planning, including the completion of a schedule of tasks and time for completion. If you are working with a team of people, it means working to ensure your part of the project is completed on time and supporting your colleagues to complete their tasks on time while maintaining a high quality product. These skills will help you at work and at home.

Imagine setting a reasonable schedule to complete your housework, homework or year work and sticking to the timelines outlined. Then you will have lots of time to begin writing a novel, learn to quilt or work on whatever you have set aside until you had a free moment.