If you are a Dish Network subscriber, you will be able to view programs online starting today. The new feature is currently in beta and currently features about 1200+ TV programs for your viewing pleasure. In addition Dish Network states the following about their latest addition to their programming:

“People are shifting where they watch video, and I want to shift with them,” Dave Shull, Dish’s senior vice president for programming, said in an interview. Dish is the second-largest satellite carrier behind DirecTV, with about 14 million customers.

The DishOnline.com site will show some free video clips, but cable shows and many movies will be available only with a subscription. Free clips of the film “Iron Man,” for instance, may be available to any customer, but a full streaming version would be available only to pay-TV subscribers or for a one-time rental fee.

Some of the DishOnline.com features showcase what can happen when a customer’s set-top box is connected to the Internet. Customers with a top-of-the-line device will be able to view live television or any of the shows that they have recorded on their digital video recorder.

I went to the Dish Network site and after logging into my account, was able to access several TV programs, which were being presented by Hulu. I also learned that if you wish to record these programs to your DVR, you need to have the Dish receiver connected with by a phone line, wireless or hard wire to your router.

The online offering from Dish Network  is currently in beta testing so the program selection is limited. There is about 1200+ programs listed. I would venture a guess that the selection will expand in the near future.

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Source – NYT