While surfing the Internet yesterday, I stopped by a Web site that had an article titled ‘Fast Food – Ads vs Reality.’ The author of the article took the time and energy to compare what the fast food chains show in their advertisements and what he was actually served. I don’t think any of us would be surprised that the advertised photographs do not actually match the food that is served. While the advertised photographs show what appears to be a slowly crafted treat that was carefully put together by caring hands, the reality is that the food is, well, put together fast.

I am going to use Burger King as an example on how food can vary from franchise to franchise.Where I live, our local Burger King puts together a Whopper like what is pictured below:

Le Whopper

On Monday my wife and I drove from our home to visit our kids in another state. We stopped at a Burger King located in another town (actually another state we were driving through), where we have previously eaten. This Burger King actually presented us with a Whopper that resembles its advertising photograph. In addition, the Burger King we stopped at is immaculately clean. The employees were polite and one actually brought our food to our table.

So while we can agree that normally the fast food we receive will not resemble the advertising photographs, there are exceptions.

What has your experience been?

Comments welcome.

Source – ALPHAILA blog – more photos available