There should be an image here!I’ve never been much into simulated combat type stuff myself, but I can see the potential for fun with outdoor events such as paint-ball and other related activities. But what if when you were “attacking” the enemy fort you were able to determine, safely, who the “bad guys” actually were? With a new app for the iPhone called Layer, games such as paint-ball and real life combat situations alike may very well be on the forefront of changing forever.

Now obviously trusting the safety of the men and women in uniform is not too likely to fall into the hands of a consumer level iPhone app, especially considering the need for it to access a Wi-Fi network. And this article does a good job at pointing out that this kind of software is best left for backyard gaming and not real combat situations. But the undeniable fact of the matter is that this sort of thing is best left to backyard fun and theory.

Despite not being ready for the real world perhaps, the idea of using this kind of technology might have other possibilities. Maybe locating stuff throughout the house by eliminating what is not junk. Or perhaps there are some other fun ways to make this sort of thing work.

[Photo above by jurvetson / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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