There should be an image here!When it comes to communicating with people, we’re used to having conversations with a large number of people at the same time on the Internet, but when we move to our mobile phones and use the standard features like text messaging and calling, we find that those features really only work well when you’re communicating with one other person. Developers have built apps for mobile devices that supercharge mobile communication, but GroupMe has built a simple but extremely powerful service that takes the traditional texting and calling features that you’ve used on your phone for years to a new level for group communication.

Since GroupMe integrates with the basic functions on your mobile phone, adoption is seamless. All you have to do is enter your phone number on the site and you’ll get a new group number that can be used for your group. Once the number has been created, you can invite people to the group, and using that one number, group members can text message everyone in the group, and you can even call the group number to initiate a conference call with all of the group members. This works with any phone and no apps are needed — it’s brilliant.