My son-in-law owns a company by the name of Electronics Interior which he operates out of Shreveport, LA. Yesterday I had the opportunity to tag along with him as he and his crew installed two new Samsung 55″ HDTVs. He is an official Samsung distributor but he also handles Panasonic as well. I have been a fan of Panasonic Plasma TVs, which I felt has one of the better pictures on the market. However I recently read that the Plasma sets have been discontinued by Pioneer and Vizio.  Plasma sets use a lot of power and with the new energy efficiency standards in place by the state of California, companies are looking at more efficient HDTVs.

Yesterday I had a chance to view both a Samsung 55″ LED HDTV and a Samsung 55″ LED 3D HDTV. One word. Impressive.

The standard LED has a stunning picture. I must admit. I personally believe the picture is better than Plasma. The LED 3D also has an exceptional picture. The 3D effect was awesome. Though you must wear glasses to view 3D, and they are about $100 a pair, the picture is truly amazing. I was impressed with both HDTV sets. If you haven’t seen the picture quality of an LED set, you are missing a treat.

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