Yesterday I attended the #140conf here in Sioux Falls. I was disappointed to find that many of the attendees didn’t really use Twitter nor care about it. Instead, they kind of used the event as a place to be seen. Maybe for some people, there’s some confusion about what a tweetup is supposed to be. So, I thought I’d clear it up. I realize the definition can vary, but mostly, this is what a tweetup is to me.

What is a tweetup?

  • Eating, drinking and hanging with other users of Twitter.
  • Newbie Twitter users learning about Twitter.
  • Tweeting every moment live.
  • Getting to know new people.

What a tweetup isn’t.

  • Promoting your business, book or other item for personal financial gain.
  • Marketers and salesmen learning¬†how¬†to capitalize on Twitter.
  • Bringing a clique of friends or co-workers and not talking to anybody else.

Basically, it’s where the geeks who tweet or want to tweet gather. It’s not a place for CEOs, presidents or business owners to show up in a suit and tie to mingle or see “what this Twitter thing is all about”.

Curious what you think a tweetup is. Please leave comments!