There should be an image here!I think, for the most part, we like to think the browsers we’re using are safe and secure. I suppose, to a large degree, they are safe and as long as we keep them up to date, there’s little to worry about. But as pointed out in the comments section of the previous article, Chrome is not without its security concerns. Even its open source base (Chromium) is not completely free of concern.

This brings us to a separate project based on Chrome called Iron. Like Chrome, Iron is designed to bring along all of the Google goodness seen with the Google browser, minus the concerns with privacy listed on this page. And as you can plainly see, even if you are merely using your browser for paying bills, shopping, etc, there is something inherently wrong about Google having this much data being sent back to them. It’s not like it’s merely location updates or other relevant info — it’s data gathering. Pure and simple.

But there are limitations for anyone not on Windows as, at this time, Iron is a Windows only project. It’s understandable, if this is based on limited time and resources for such things. But it also becomes a deal stopper for those using OS X or Linux, as we do use Chrome and have no intention of switching platforms simply due to privacy concerns. No, I think for the most part, Iron is going to be a project to watch from afar. Perhaps this will change in the near future. But for now, not a good match based on accessibility for my needs.

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