For the past two months or so, I have been hearing about Skechers and the shoes ability to provide relief from sore feet. I have also heard that they help your posture, take pressures off of your knee joints and also help those who suffering from sore backs. In addition there are those Joe Montana commercials on TV, in which Joe gives his assurance that these are the best shoes he has ever owned.

So I took a look on the Skechers website and a pair of their Shape Ups shoes were listed at $110 a pair. I have never spent that much money on a pair of ‘sneakers’ no matter how good they were. So I put the thought of owning a pair on the back burner and wore my cheap Wal-Mart sneakers down to visit the kids in Texas. On Thursday evening my son-in-law was going shopping and asked if I wanted to ride along. He said he need some new shoes and my wife mentioned to get me a new pair as well.

We went to a shopping mall and he headed to JC Penny’s, which I thought was odd. I never really associated JC Penny as a shoes store. We went into the shoe department and I immediately spotted a Skechers sign advertising a super sale. The Skechers Shape Ups in a blue-silver color and another in kakhi color [they call it pebble], were on sale for $39.99. I asked the salesperson to confirm the price and she did. I tried on a pair and they were comfortable so I decided to buy a pair in each color.  It gets better. In addition to the sale price of $39.99, the store was also offering $10 off of any purchase over $25, so the final cost for each pair of shoes was $29.99.

If you own a pair of Skechers let us know what your opinion is of the shoes.

Comments welcome.

Skechers website – Shape Ups