There should be an image here!If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Facebook Live either had a massive issues with its video metrics or perhaps with its ability to attract an audience who cares. Speaking for me, I find myself leaning with the latter as streaming live video is more on par with YouTube, Ustream, or other related services.

Still, it seems that this article raises the question and points out that it could go either way.  The sad part is they even Facebooked the event and still no one outside of some 300 or so viewers showed. Maybe the issue is just poor timing. After all, Friday afternoon for an “all about Facebook” kind of thing is hardly that exciting.

Finally, the last possibility for the low numbers comes down to it being a possible bug. Not unreasonable, if you stop to think about it. But regardless, Facebook has had a substantial history of bugs in its past. What do you think? Is Facebook Live simply a snoozefest with no takers? Perhaps, instead, the problem is with the metrics counting the viewers?

[Photo above by _Max-B / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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