There should be an image here!Normally I am among the first to say that Google has great timing with their product launches. Not saying that their products are perfect each and every time, rather that Google can launch their stuff at just the right moment. Sadly in the case of TV to the consumer, Google is all over the place.

According to this article, Google is looking to launch a a pay per view TV option. Yeah, because they’ve apparently learned nothing from AppleTV’s pay-per-use model failure and instead think they can compete with video on iTunes. Give me a break. No one in their right mind is buying video from DRM based iTunes unless they have a way to make a smooth transition for livingroom viewing, like Amazon and Roku. At least then DRM isn’t so bad as you are not using a PC to watch content.

I am of the mind that Google is going to have another Google Wave like failure here as asking people to once again, duplicate an existing service wanting a pay per use model is to be kind, redundant. Bundle this with the lack of a set top box like AppleTV or Roku and this concept becomes very half baked. Most people are not going to watch content like movies or TV on a computer. And even with Hulu, people are trying to connect it to TV sets. I know I did.