There should be an image here!I remember when looking at classified ads in newspapers or other printed material was still cool. You can continue to find classifieds in your local paper, but they’re not nearly as compelling as they used to be. These days, people of all ages are using craigslist to discover the opportunities that are around them in relation to items for sale, jobs, and so on. While craigslist works well for a lot of people and has a tremendous amount of activity, it’s not the only player in the classifieds game. OLX is another online classifieds site that seems to have given the overall look and feel of online classifieds a bit of a refresh.

As you know, craigslist still looks like it was designed twenty years ago, but OLX has a more updated look in all areas. It’s very easy to post a free classified ad, and you can add videos, pictures, and customized text to make your ad stand out. The listings really do look good, and you can use the filtering options to find exactly what you want. OLX also has a mobile site so that you can get your classifieds fix wherever you may be. It’s obviously not as big as craigslist, but in some ways that’s not such a bad thing.