There should be an image here!Search technology has become such a big part of our lives that we just expect it to work great all the time. Not only do we use search engines to find content on the Internet, but we also use search tools on our computers to find our local files. The results from these helpers used to be pretty unreliable, but these days you can almost always find what you’re looking for. Of course, there’s a separate search problem that has needed to be improved outside of public content on the Internet and local content and it relates to finding content in your online accounts. Thanks to Greplin, that problem appears to be well on its way to being solved.

Once you have an account at Greplin, you can add many of your online accounts to its index so that it can search through them for you. For example, you can add accounts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Google Docs. The tool can be accessed through your browser and the search process is shockingly fast. Now you’ll have to really go out of your way to lose something.