Lots of monitors are being released these days — monitors with features not seen before, and in many sizes not seen until now. It is time for school and lots of students will be taking them off to college. Space requirements are allowing manufacturers to release monitors in increments of inches, instead of the multiples of roughly 3” to 4” that was the norm with televisions when I was growing up.

Philips has a new monitor using the new, and somewhat odd 22” size, utilizing LED illumination and incorporating the ability to lower the brightness, so as to use less power, when the screen is not being actively watched.


Philips has today announced a hot new widescreen monitor, the 22-inch 225PL2 featuring an LED backlight, a stand enabling 130mm height adjustment, 90 degree rotation and swivel, and the PowerSensor, a sensor that will detect when the user leaves the desk and reduce brightness accordingly.

Philips’ display also comes with a ZeroWatt switch for absolute no power draw when closed, an EPEAT Gold rating, SmartTouch controls, and a native resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels, a 5ms response time, a brightness of 250 cd/m2, a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1, two 1.5W speakers, D-Sub and DVI inputs, four USB 2.0 ports, plus audio in/outs.

The Philips 225PL2 is set to start shipping in Europe in September and cost €219.

We may or may not see this monitor in the United States with Philips branding, but it is possible that we will see it carrying the Magnavox, or possibly Westinghouse labels.

Greenies will like the ZeroWatt switch (I know I do!). The only downside I can see here is the native resolution, which for a 22” diagonal, I’d like to see be 1920×1080.


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