There should be an image here!Like everyone, I hear people complaining about the lack of broadband choices in their area. Having been one of these people in my recent past — stuck with cable only at the time — I feel their pain. But what about broadband access for those who are completely devoid of any cable or DSL options, much less access to fiber?

At this site, I was alerted to one guy who needed a solution for his telecommuting needs so he could keep his software company going, even while at home. It’s a grand idea, but as you can see from the above link, getting something up tall enough to hit a wireless repeater is something of an art in and of itself.

What remains a bit of a mystery here is which ISP is being used. I know of some wireless ISPs (not the usual 4G types) in parts of southern Washington and northern Oregon, but in the boonies of Indiana, I’ve no idea as the site neglects to share this tidbit.

At the end of the day though, it reflects what can be done with a small investment, LOTS of time, along with some elbow grease and a pass from the FCC. Want wireless Internet? Chances are even in the boonies, there may be options if you are willing to make the commitment to the effort.

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