There should be an image here!Where do you want to go? That question can have many different answers depending on who you ask, but either way, a lot of us enjoy traveling and have a list of places that we hope to visit in the near future. When it comes time to look for plane tickets, there are a number of different services that you can use, but most of them require you to be very specific about when you want to go somewhere so that relevant options can be displayed. Of course, if you want your plans to be a little more open-ended, then this approach isn’t ideal. A site called Adioso gives you the ability to search for flights in the same way that you would search for anything else on the Internet.

What I mean by this is that instead of having to provide a bunch of separate details, you just have a text box that you use to write a little bit about what you’re looking for and then see what’s available. It’s a very natural search process, and once you give it a try and check out some of the examples, you’ll see what I mean. By using a combination of destination, time frame, and price, you’ll get a nice set of options that can help your random travel impulse become a reality.